FlexPro from Movcam


    • FlexPro a new type of three stage automatic telescopic pole, designed specifically for small digital movie cameras in conjunction with DJI™ equipment.
    • It greatly enhances the camera’s range of motion, providing a whole new perspective
    • FlexPro can be mounted on various supports, such as tripods, EasyRig, Steadicam, Dolly, sliders, C-stands, and can even be quickly deployed using simple straps for shooting.
    • We distribute and Service Products from Movcam.

Made from carbon fiber, FlexPro consists of three cylindrical tubes, with two of them extending within a range of 0-130cm / 0-4.26 feet. When fully extended, FlexPro reaches a total length of 260 cm / 8.53 feet. The pole is driven by a brushless motor and controlled by a handle with a speed adjustment knob. Its maximum extension speed is 0.70 meters per second. FlexPro can be controlled by the operator or remotely by an assistant.

FlexPro weighs 5.5 kg / 12.12 pounds (excluding counterweights and power supply) and has a maximum effective load capacity of 5.5 kg / 12.12 pounds. It features dynamic sliding counterweights to maintain balance during extension.