G70-X Arm by Tiffen


Steadicam® G70X Camera-Stabilizing Arm

The revolutionary G-70X arm is light and strong.

    • Extraordinary boom range
    • Smooth and responsive
    • “Geo”-feature
    • Arm-post adjustable drag
    • 3-year full parts warranty

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The revolutionary G-70X arm is light but strong. The boom range exceeds any other arm out there.
The G-series arm is by far the smoothest, most responsive arm ever built by Tiffen.
Operators can feel how the arm behaves, regardless of the weight carried.
With the “Geo”-feature, you can tune your arm to your preference for each shot.
Even the arm-post system incorporates an adjustable drag that does not change when you change posts.

Technical Data

Weight Arm: 10.8 lbs (4,9 kg)
Weight Load: 13 lbs – 70 lbs (6 kg – 32 kg)
Boom Range 29″ (73 cm)