Rainbow HD – Stargate FHD 7″ by Transvideo


Rainbow HD 7″ Monitor

  • Waveforms, histogram, vectorscope
  • focus helper – zoom (1:1)
  • Virtual Horizon (only SBL model)
  • Machined aluminium housing

Rainbow FHD 7″ Monitor – Recorder

    • FullHD display 1920×1080
    • Compatible with 4K – 6G
    • Luminance of 1000 Nits
    • Fast path with no latency, for specific shootings where no delay is allowable
    • Ability to record dailies in H264 -> MP4/MKV on SD cards
    • Machined aluminium housing

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Job oriented user interface in the Rainbow HD and Stargate FHD Monitors
We introduce a new concept of working. Pre-programmed modes, called “views”, feature a specific set assignment for each job: no need to navigate in deep menus to find the right tools.
Rainbow HD7 Models
The regular model features 450 Nits, suggested for studios and interiors as well as low budget applications.
The SBL model features more than 900 Nits as well as a second SDI input for dual-link capability.
It includes extra functions such as the AvengerLeveler for body-rig applications. On-screen SDI Tally / SDI Timecode reader / SDI audio vu-meters / VirtualHorizon.
The StargateFHD has a fast path processing with a “immediate display’ capabilities with no latency.
You can get the camera output directly without any introduced delay, increasingly important in many shooting situations. An essential production tool for directors and focus pullers.
Focus Helper function: Displays in focus zone with coloured dots, making manual focusing easier.
Peaking function: Emphasizes the contours of the picture, making manual focusing easier.
Markers: Can be adjusted by using the joystick to increase or decrease the size. Useful if you have a graphics box to work with or you need a reference to frame up on.
Zoom function: Allows zoom, Anamorphic zoom, custom zoom, pixel to pixel zoom (1:1)
Tally: Activated through the REC/STOP command embedded in the SDI

Technical Data

Operating Voltage 10 to 36V DC Power consumption 13W / 16W
Size 7.5″ x 4.1″ x 1.4″ (187 x 105 x 35 mm)
Weight 1.45 lbs (660g) / 1.52 lbs (690g)
Inputs / Outputs In: 2 x 3G & HD/SD SDI 1 x HDMI 1 x CVBS Out: 1 x 3G & HD/SD SDI (processed) 1 x 3G & HD/SD SDI (reclocked) 1 x CVBS (loop)
Video Standards 1080p / 1080i / 1080psf 480p / 576p / 720p SD SDI 525 / 625 NTSC (M, J, 443) / PAL (M, BG, N) / SECAM
Luminance 450 Nits / SBL900 Nits
Viewing Angle ±80° horizontal and vertical