Steadicam®Volt Upgrade Kit by Tiffen


For Tiffen M1, Archer, Shadow, GPI PRO, Betz RIG
44 years later… mastering the compromise of bottom heaviness pendulum and the horizon. Garrett Brown and his team reinvented the Steadicam® operating. The Tiffen Volt™ is not just a horizon stabilizer, gyro smarts on the gimbal of the Steadicam® lets concentrate on your move, operating and the framing itself.

  • Neutral balance no bottom weight
  • The Rig can be short as you like
  • No rebalancing for quick switching to low mode
  • Two tiny brushless motors for roll and tilt axis of the gimbal
  • The Tiffen Volt™ has various adjustment of weakness or hardness of both axis for your personal touch of operating.
  • Freeze tilt angle with the Tiffen Volt™ is just a push on the button of the gimbal handle.
  • Easy mounting and adjusting on each Steadicam® Rig through Betz-Tools or certified service departments.

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Tiffen Steadicam® Volt™
The Tiffen Volt™ is the most sophisticated „Gimbal“ control.
Two little brushless motors controlled via electronical gyros and accelerometers gives a safe feeling for a stabilized picture frame and furthermore the control via your hand guidance on the Steadicam® is unrestrained.
The masterbrain with the adjustment knobs is in a small box which has to be mounted in front of the topstage.
The mounting of the Tiffen Volt™ onto the Tiffen Archer and Shadow Steadicam® will need around 3 hours. 
To modify the GPI-PRO Rig around 1.5 hours in our workshop.
To modify the Betz-Tools RIG around 1.5 hours in our workshop.
Other Tiffen Volt modifications for 1.5″ post Rigs will follow shortly.
The new Volt docking bracket allows a safe and quick docking direct onto the Gimbal.