Steadicam®Hardmount by Abracam


Abracam Universal Steadicam® Hardmount

    • No tools arm adjustment
    • Fits on PRO, Tiffen Steadicam® G50/G70 – IIIA/EFP arms
    • Also on old Master and Luna arms
    • With the WK adapter Pilot/Flyer and Zephyr arms can be mounted
    • Mitchell mount
    • Clamp for rods
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Allows a Steadicam® to be “hard” mounted to nearly anything.
Via the Manfrotto clamp for dia. 5 cm (2″) standard tubing facilitate easy mounting on different things.
Via the Euromount clamp, onto a Dolly or onto a Bazooka.
An adapter for Mitchell plates is also available.
The mount can be adjusted in a tilting angle up to +-15 ° to help you stay balanced under any condition.
Adapter from hardmount to Steadicam® Pilot/Flyer/Zephyr arms as option.