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Li-Ion V-Mount batteries Paglink PL96e

    • Batteries in any state of charge can be linked to combine capacities
    • Combine capacities: 2 = 192Wh, 3 = 288Wh
    • Current draw capability of 12A when linked (8A individually)
    • Batteries can be charged whilst linked
    • Charges on PAGlink, PAG V-Mount or Sony V-Mount Li-Ion chargers
    • Warranty 2 years with no restrictive conditions

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The only system that allows you to combine the capacities of more than two batteries, in any state of charge, to achieve longer run-times or a higher current-draw capability. Up to eight batteries can be linked for charge or discharge – an industry first.
An individual PAGlink battery has a capacity of 96 watt-hours, making it unrestricted, in quantity, for air transportation. Linking two batteries doubles the capacity to 192Wh; three batteries provide 288Wh. No other system offers as much power.

Technical Data

Operating Voltage 96 Wh / 14.8V / 6.5Ah
Size 5.2″ (133 mm) x 3.3″ (84 mm) x 1.9″ (50 mm)
Weight 1.6 lbs (726 g)
Operating Temperature Charging: 0°C to +45°C – Discharging: -20°C to +50°C