Garrett Brown Inventor

Award for Garrett Brown
Garrett Brown was honored with the No. 1 Lord of Steadicam Technology in the Service of Creativity Award. Award for Lifetime Achievement. The Golden Vest was presented with the following speech:

“What would the dream factory be without the Steadicam? Inani- mate, static or electronically stabilized pictures, lifeless scenes… Thank God that nobody knows. Steadicam has become an indispensable element of filmmaking since its invention in the 70s. Garrett’s genius gave thousands of people around the world day to day work, not only in this business.”

The most recent International Steadicam Workshop took place from June 30 to July 6 at Starnberger See in Germany. Steadicam Operators par excellence Garrett Brown, Larry McConkey, Alex Brambilla, Jörg Widmer and Chris Fawcett conducted the master classes. The workshop was hosted by Betz-Tools, the German Distributor of Steadicam since the early 80s, and Tiffen. During the workshop, the first Lords of Steadicam Awards (in the shape of a sculptured golden Steadicam Vest) were presented.

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