Larry McConkey

Award for Larry McConkey
Larry McConkey received Award No. 2 for Outstanding Camera- work. Here’s the speech:
“Initially Larry taught us how to be a captive audience in the cinema, watching complex scenes with mouths agape and eyes wide open. He designed shots like Mozart symphonies or Strauss waltzes. We launched this award to honor the best Steadicam Operators in the world. Future Steadicam Workshops will perpetuate the ceremony.”

The most recent International Steadicam Workshop took place from June 30 to July 6 at Starnberger See in Germany. Steadicam Operators par excellence Garrett Brown, Larry McConkey, Alex Brambilla, Jörg Widmer and Chris Fawcett conducted the master classes. The workshop was hosted by Betz-Tools, the German Distributor of Steadicam since the early 80s, and Tiffen. During the workshop, the first Lords of Steadicam Awards (in the shape of a sculptured golden Steadicam Vest) were presented.

Larry McConkey, SOC – 2008 SOC Mobile Camera Platform Operator Award on Vimeo.
CUT#1 – L’Impasse de Brian De Palma on Vimeo.
12,5 minutes one shot on Vimeo.