Twister by Betz-Tools


Frame your pictures free in all axis and don’t care anymore about the horizon it’s perfect leveled with
your added Wave1.

“Twister“ universal twistable frame adjustable for all kind of cameras hang on or dock it. Change quickly your camera setup from handheld to Steadicam®/Arm, shoulder mount, Easyrig or tripod etc.

  • Universal Quicklok™ mount for standard Steadicam®, GPI PRO, RIG, MK-V dovetail plates.
  • For proper weight balance adjustable in height and side by side.
  • For all kinds of cameras like ARRI, Red, Sony, Ikegami, Canon, Panavision etc.
  • Pivot mount for Steadicam® armpost or for tripod docking.
  • Mounting ring for hanging on Easyrig / Serene etc.


Machined lightweight aircraft aluminium with laser engraved adjusting marks
for quick and easy adjustment in height for proper camera balancing.

For/Aft and Side by Side adjustment
For quick and easy camera setup weight balance and lens exchange.

Approved Betz-Tools QuickLok™ system
Vibrationfree and sturdy. Minimum height of dovetail mounting plate 0.36“/10 mm.

For universal camera dovetail plate
Effects also a quick swap over to tripods, shoulder mounts, Steadicams® or any other camera support.
Camera mounting via 3/8“ or 1/4“ screws.

Optimized for:
ARRI: Alexa, Alexa65, Alexa Mini, AlexaM, Amira,
Red: Epic, Scarlet, Raven, Weapon etc.
Black Magic: URSA, URSA
Mini Lightweight Sony, Canon or DSLR Cameras needs little counterweights for proper balancing.

Counterweights with 3/8“ thread from Tiffen Steadicam® accessories.

Technical Data

Weight 2,9Kg / 6,3lb
Tiltangle 360°
Supported Weight Fully loaded Alexa 65
Frame Hight min: 23cm/9″ max: 48cm/19″
Frame width 35cm/13.8″
Overall Size min: 36cm/14″ max: 58cm/23″
Mountingring dia: 16mm/0.63″
Armpost Standard 15.79mm/0.625″ (GPI PRO size)