Volt Kit for Betz-Tools RIG


Volt for Betz-Toos RIG
The Tiffen Volt™ is not just a horizon stabilizer, gyro smarts on the gimbal of the Steadicam® lets concentrate on your move, operating and the framing itself.

  • Neutral balance no bottom weight
  • The Rig can be short as you like
  • No rebalancing for quick switching to low mode
  • Two tiny brushless motors for roll and tilt axis of the gimbal
  • The Tiffen Volt™ has various adjustment of weakness or hardness of both axis for your personal touch of operating.
  • Freeze tilt angle with the Tiffen Volt™ is just a push on the button of the gimbal handle.
  • Easy mounting and adjusting on the Rig through Betz-Tools
  • We Supply and Service all Steadicam® Products


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Tiffen Steadicam® Volt™
The Tiffen Volt™ is the most sophisticated „Gimbal“ control.
Two little brushless motors controlled via electronical gyros and accelerometers gives a safe feeling for a stabilized picture frame
and furthermore the control via your hand guidance on the Steadicam® is unrestrained.
The masterbrain with the adjustment knobs is in a small box which has to be mounted in front of the topstage.
To modify the Betz-Tools RIG around 1.5 hours in our workshop.
The new Volt docking bracket allows a safe and quick docking direct onto the Gimbal.